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Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Doctors and Lawyers.

In the hierarchy of beloved professions, one might expect doctors to rank over lawyers on most lists. However, lawyers take heart. Donald Trump inverts this ranking in flamboyant (surprised?) style.

He writes: "[T]here will be times when lawyers are essential. Some people are scoundrels. [footnote: I have come to hate doctors. I think that, generally, they are a bunch of money-grubbing dogs. I can tell you about countless instances when doctors have ruined people's lives. As an example, a person I am very fond of had a foot injury that I believe should have healed naturally, but instead the doctor operated on it, fitting pins and plates into the foot. Now, after over a year of convalescence, this person is having a hard time walking. I think that suing a doctor like this would qualify as a worthwhile legal expense...This is just one of the many bad doctors I know of--there are too many others to name. I just can't stand the bastards]." (D. Trump, How to Get Rich (2004), p. 128; emphasis added.)

One need not accept Mr. Trump's rant about doctors to appreciate the truth in this passage. Lawyers are sometimes essential--take it from one (Mr. Trump) who has had his share of lawyers for and against him. For example, Mr. Trump states: "We needed a bus to get Ivana's [ex-wife] lawyers to court." (Id. at p. 125.)