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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Angels in the Courthouse.

Tomorrow is the deadline for the Angels to submit their opposition (or "return") to the petition for writ of mandate filed by the City of Anaheim. (For background on this case, see, e.g., posts of February 17 and 19, and March 1, 2005.) Link to the Court of Appeal's website here for its docket entries on this case, including its "invitation" for a return. This development is unusual. The Court of Appeal routinely rejects writ petitions in summary fashion--no reasons are given. For example, I had a recent case where my opponent filed a writ petition on a Friday. The petition was served by mail. I received both the petition and the order denying it in the same mail delivery on Monday. That the Court wants to hear from the opposition does not guaranty success for the City, but it augurs reason for optimism.