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Sunday, August 14, 2005

Get 'Em While They're Hot.

In the aftermath of the crash of NBC's The Law Firm, Yeoman has suggested some brilliant ideas for substitute shows to highlight the glamourous practice of law.

"1. Subrogation! Young beautiful lawyers spend all day suing people for small amounts. They prevail in Court, and don't get anything as the people they are suing are judgment proof. All this work cuts into their billable hours, and they don't make enough to pay the rent, let alone own a decent car.

"2. Chapter 7. A drama about the exciting fast paced world of bankruptcy. Every week would feature an extended courtroom scene in which lawyers for both sides in a Chapter 7 drone on in a monotone about provisions in the code until the Judge, equally monotonal pronounces his decision all in code.

"3. Secured Transactions. Young beautiful lawyers spend all their time at the clerks office filing Uniform Commercial Code statements, or looking them up. In between, they meet, fall in love, and have raging arguments about the proper place of filing."

(HTs: Evan Schaeffer's Legal Underground; and Yeoman: The Vast Wasteland III.)