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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Humility is Beauty.

While hubris is dangerous, humility is beauty.

Yesterday, I had lunch with the president of a new corporate client regarding an appeal I will be handling.

During the lunch, the topic of playing football came up. A law partner and I mentioned that we had played flag football on weekends--"weekend warriors", at best.

We asked the president if he had any interest in playing. Almost in passing, the president responded that he had played a little in college.

As a result of my gentle questioning, he said he had played at USC in the mid-to-late 70s. So, doing a little search of my memory, I deduced that he probably owns a championship ring. He admitted that he did. In fact, he was coached by the late, great John McKay and John Robinson and played with several hall of famers.

But, what was interesting was that he downplayed this achievement. Comparing it to the runaway success of the current Trojans (going for 3 consecutive championships), he humbly said it was only one ring.

"Just one ring"--indeed.