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Friday, November 04, 2005

Disappearing Act.

Nothing disappears quicker than food from a law firm's kitchen. Except perhaps Dodgers fans in the seventh inning.

Exhibit A comes from the witty Whitten:

"Last night I worked late in preparation for a trial today. At 9:45 pm, I just sort of assumed I was the only one in the office...I went to the break room at one point to see if anyone had left some food I could steal. Lo and behold I found a box of confections leftover from the a.m. and helped myself to a blueberry cake donut. After I took the first bite, my phone rang, so I set the donut down on the counter next to the microwave.I subsequently forgot about my donut and walked back to my office. When I came back about ten minutes later, I found that only about one bite was left of my donut. I searched the office for the individual that had crossed that line between man and bum. Nobody was there."

Exhibit B comes from somewhere in our office:

"I'm back from Tejas and back in the office. And while I was gone, somebody was drinking my tea. Tazo China Green Tips. Apparently, someone is under the impression that my Tazo China Green Tips are community tea. C'mon people, that stuff doesn't grow on trees." (Via: the write-on.)

Exhibit C comes from a mentor of mine. Marvelling at the rapidity with which food stuffs would disappear from his law firm's kitchen, he decided to test how low the bar would be for pilfering. So he grabbed a mature half loaf of Wonder bread from home and left it out at 8 in the morning. By noon it was gone. Stale plain white bread, folks.