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Monday, December 12, 2005


I've been reading up on Mars Hill Bible Church and its pastor, Rob Bell, who authored Velvet Elvis : Repainting the Christian Faith. Intriguing.

The intrigue continued when I went to listen to one of Mr. Bell's sermons online. Before accessing the sermon, I was asked to agree to some terms of service. Here's my favorite part:

"3. Objectionable Material. You understand that by using the Service, you may encounter content that may be deemed offensive or objectionable. Nevertheless, you agree to use the Service at your sole risk and that Mars Hill shall have no liability to you for content that may be found to be offensive or objectionable."

Wait a second: it's a sermon, not a pornographic site. Maybe that's the point. God's Word is scandalous at times; maybe there's something quite intentional with this legalese warning. Caution: offenses dispensed--at Church.