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Saturday, August 26, 2006

In the News, Part IV.

For those of you following my "blood oath" case (and there are legion given the coverage in the LA Times, KFWB, and the AP, among other things), here's a scoop.

On Friday, August 25, 2006, the defense again requested that the Court dismiss the fraud claim. The fraud claim seeks damages in excess of US$5 million, so it's of particular consequence to the parties.

In short, this aspect of the case pertains to the promises or representations that my client asserts the defendant made to get him to invest 170 million won into the defendant's Korean clothing company in 2003. The operative complaint states that the Plaintiff was promised that if he advanced this money he would receive ten (10) percent of a company capitalized at 500 million won, among other things. (FAC, para. 18.)

Yesterday, the court overruled the defendant's demurrer (like a motion to dismiss), and the case moves forward with all causes of action intact--default of promissory note/breach of contract, money had and received, and fraud.

Trial is set for February 26, 2007.