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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Movie Review: August Rush.

Some movies are lyrical. Their dialogue approaches the poetic, so little else needs to be added for dramatic effect.

Some are musical; where words really get in the way. The soundtrack lifts the movie into another storytelling dimension and forms its core.

Although not a musical, August Rush fits into the later category. In fact, words are almost surplusage in this film. The film involves an improbable, if not fantastic, plot. Keri Russell plays a classical musician who was separated from her son at his birth. Jonathan Rhys Meyers plays a rock musician who was also separated from the same son; he also lost contact with Ms. Russell's character. A musical prodigy, the orphaned boy comes under the spell of a shady character played by Robin Williams, who exploits his gifts as a street performer.

Music provides the bridge for the family to reconcile. The final climatic scene, involving a classical concert, has to be experienced to be believed. Keep tissues handy. The music creates and envelops it. It's hard to imagine this scene would have even approach the same impact without sound.

I had little hopes for this movie when it started. In fact, it was chosen for me as the entertainment on a flight to Hawaii. Even the headphones were free.

The movie took some time to build to its crescendo, but having witnessed it in all its musical glory, I felt better for the experience.

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