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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Pretty Soon You'll Need a Scorecard to Keep Track of the Lawsuits, Part II.

The Blogdom is here! Just two days ago I wrote here about a lawsuit pending in the Orange County Superior Court involving a local high school baseball team. In short, the coach sued a parent of a former member of his team for defamation and malicious prosecution.

Imagine my surprise when I arrived in Court this afternoon for a hearing on one of my cases to see a jury hearing closing arguments for the punitive damages phase of this case. According to the defense attorney's argument, the half a million dollar award against his client (the parent) earlier today (in the compensatory phase) would be more than sufficient to send a message to his client. He implored the jury not to award any more money. He argued that the participants to this case were just people who needed to get on with their lives.

By contrast, the plaintiff's attorney requested that the jury send a message to the community because the media would pick up their verdicts and they should demonstrate that school teachers should not be placed in such a position, which might drive them out of the profession. As a member of the media with my vast audience (j/k), I wonder if he was talking about me because, through the unparalleled speed of this blog medium, I am able to report these developments before any member of the mainstream media ("MSM") or any other media.