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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Fun With Refunds, Part III.

I read the entire complaint in the "antitrust" class action brought by named plaintiffs, Ryan Rodriguez and Reena B. Frailich against West Publishing Corporation (dba BAR/BRI), and Kaplan, Inc. You can too. It's here.

The complaint provides an intriguing and tangled history of the machinations/mergers that allegedly consolidated power into "monopolist BAR/BRI". (See, e.g., Complaint, paragraphs 1-6; 26-37.)

Also, the pleading reveals that Kaplan, Inc. "is a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Washington Post Company." This relationship provided fodder for the plaintiffs: "[T]he Washington Post also the parent company of well-known national newspaper The Washington Post, famous for exposing corruption and speaking the truth--except when it came to Kaplan, as it happens, its most profitable subsidiary." (Complaint, para. 39, p. 12:23-26.) Zing.

(For our earlier post on this lawsuit and its lead counsel, Eliot Disner, link here.)