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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Revenge of the Imputed Bar Exam Score.

This is not the title of a horror movie. At least not a fictional one.

It was a real life horror to at least one California Bar applicant. He learned that one of his essays was stolen and would not be graded, and then received the coup de grace--he failed.

In late May, 2005, the Bar informed certain test takers that their answers to essay question six on the February bar exam were stolen from a grader's car. As a result, the Bar "imputed" scores using a pro rata and regression analysis. Read the Bar's letter here and here.

One recipient of such a letter was not too pleased. Read his blistering letter to a member of the California Assembly here. (Note: the author of this anonymous missive may not be the same as the person to whom the above-linked letter was addressed.)

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