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Monday, December 19, 2005

Movie Reviews: Syriana and Narnia.

A tale of two movies. A dichotomous review follows.

One movie traffics in despair; the other in hope.

One weaves a complex plot; the other a simple story.

One incorporates talking land sharks; the other talking beavers.

One references World War II; the other the Gulf Wars.

One features mega-stars; the other actors you won't recognize.

One is based on a thinly-veiled novel; the other a thinly-veiled allegory.

One presents humanity as powerless; the other shows it empowered.

Both deserve an "A-".

For a singular review of Narnia, see my Biola University colleague Dr. John Mark Reynolds' here.

For a singular review of Syriana, see Dr. Ben Witherington III's here. (Note: I reviewed Dr. Witherington's book, The Jesus Quest, here.)