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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Ski Jacket in June.

It's June in Newport Beach, California. The start of summer, and just the time for--ski wear.

On the 19th, I approached the row of stairmasters in a local gym. Since there was only one opening, I jumped on the machine. About two minutes into the workout, I detected a odor emanating from my right.

Looking to ascertain the source, I saw a woman dressed in just what the summer season required--a ski jacket (circa 1985)--while conducting her stairmaster workout. Underneath the down jacket resided layers of colorful scarves. Of course, the legs were adorned with thick sweats.

So, I made a mental note that this sartorial display probably resulted from her desire to lose weight by losing water. However, I noticed that this person had the machine on the absolute lowest level. To compound matters, she cheated by leaning on the machine to minimize any pressure on her legs.

Here's a tip--you can lose the parka wear, if you operate the machine in a normal fashion.