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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Balancing out.

I've been fleeced. But it's all even now.

Last April, I wrote about the undeniable joy of parking in Los Angeles for free. Unfortunately, the exact same courthouse parking garage got its money back last week.

I handed the attendant a twenty expecting ten dollars change. Instead, I got a receipt and a smirk. Not the ten bucks.

So, I inquired about my change. The attendant insisted that I gave her a ten. To prove her case, she pointed to the till saying there was only one ten dollar bill resting there.

To my cynical eye, this seemed a fallacious argument since the ten spot just as logically could have been there whether I furnished a ten or twenty.

In any event, I remembered the windfall from last Spring and chuckled at the the "invisible hand" of parking garages leveling everything out.