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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Multimillionaire Next Door.

Recently, I met the quintessential multi-"millionaire next door"--borrowing the term from Drs. Danko and Stanley's bestselling title. (I hasten to add that he is not a client, so no attorney-client or other privileges are disclosed here.)

This gentleman, a Christ-follower, emigrated from Germany in the 1970s after playing professional soccer (football) there. Finding little opportunity to do kick the ball professionally here, he became a PE teacher in a public high school. He also invested heavily in real estate.

This man now own 22 rental properties. That fact alone is not the astounding part. What makes him the quintessential, unassuming magnate next door is that he lives in an 800 square foot "efficiency" behind one of his rental properties. He rents far more lavish properties, including beach houses, to others, who cover his expenses and throw off substantial income to him.

He then cuts his own living expenses to the bone. I suspect he gives away (or will give away) fortunes.

He reminds me of Dr. Rick Warren's reverse tithe principle--keep 10 percent and give away 90. Dr. Warren lives in the same house he purchased for about $300,000 in 1992 and gives away millions.

You never really know who lives "next door."