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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Another Dead Hero.

This year, I was privileged to eulogize my Uncle, John A. Radcliffe.

Here's the sum and substance of my remarks:

"This was a great man.

There are so many ways we can unpack his greatness.

For example, his admirable leadership as a wonderful family man, his integrity as an attorney (and otherwise), and his intelligence exhibited, in part, by graduating as valedictorian of his law school class at the University of Chicago, could be talked about for hours.

However, I want to highlight some of this through a story.

In part due his influence, I followed Uncle John into the legal profession. Early in my career, I spoke with an opposing attorney. She asked me if I was related to John Radcliffe. I said yes.

She then recounted how professional, honest, and gentlemanly he was. If you know anything about lawyers, such high praise--from an opponent--is highly unusual. He evidently made quite an impression on her.

He also impressed me. In that moment, I was proud to be an attorney, but more importantly, I was especially proud to be a Radcliffe."

Thank you, Uncle John.