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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Real Genius.

I'm not referring to the (underrated) movie starring Val Kilmer (1983). Rather, I'm speaking of Mark Burnett, the impresario behind "The Apprentice" and "Survivor". This guy has got it made.

Check out the following story: "Last fall, the prolific producer [Burnett] was given the right to buy 2.5 million Martha Stewart Living shares at $12.59 each. In the last seven months, the company's shares have nearly tripled on speculation that the company would rebound once Stewart put her legal woes behind her." (M. James, "Stewart Will Go From 'You're Released' to 'You're Hired' With TV Spinoff Deal", Los Angeles Times, February 3, 2005, p. C10.)

Let's see, what might provide a vehicle to help Stewart and her company rebound? Hmmn, how about not one, but two, well-produced television shows featuring Martha Stewart? (Note: the Times piece noted the announcement of a second show featuring Ms. Stewart, this one entitled, "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart"). Sounds like a plan!