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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Law-Themed Movies: The List, Part I.

One ongoing conversation with some lawyer friends of mine is to compile the best law-themed movies.

In the end, I will post a definitive list of 20-25 of the top lawyer films for publication here. I'll start the list with some nonnegotiables. Please join in on "the conversation" by adding your votes in the comments.

In no particular order:

1. My Cousin Vinny;
2. Liar Liar;
3. Inherit the Wind;
4. Class Action;
5. Erin Brockovitch;
6. Body Heat; and
7. Primal Fear.

Here are some that may or may not make the list, but I invite reactions to their potential inclusion:

1. A Civil Action;
2. True Believer;
3. A Few Good Men;
4. The Rainmaker;
5. The Firm;
6. The Verdict; and
7. Presumed Innocent.