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Monday, February 13, 2006

Wise guy.

I often train in the foothills of Saddleback Mountain in South Orange County. You can't beat the inclines and vistas for a vigorous, visually satisfying workout. One drawback, however, is that mountain lions are known to populate parts of the area. I'm aware of the general risk, and hence, try to avoid their feeding times.

One morning, a few months back, I was jogging along one of the trails, and encountered a long-haired young gentleman on a horse. He waived me down to ask me if I knew about the mountain lion risk. I thought he was joking, and I gave a good-natured response. His next question was a little more pointed--he sarcastically said, "What are you going to do, kill the lion with your cd player?" I thanked him for his concern, jokingly conceded that was the plan, and went about my way with a smile.

Later, I thought about his interrogation. Specifically, I questioned whether it was sort of hypocritical for the horseman to think he was any safer than I was. The lion could, after all, just as easily attack the horse--and later him.

I got the answer to my query this weekend. I saw the same rider for the first time since our encounter. However, this time, I saw him from behind.

Strapped across his back were a bow and arrows. Wise guy.