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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Praising the Good, Part II.

This praise is a two-fer. I both give and receive praise.

This week I appeared in Court seeking an award of attorneys' fees incurred in connection with an appeal my worthy opponent filed in a commercial real estate case. Because my client won the appeal, we sought a further award of attorneys' fees as the prevailing party.

The court granted the motion, but it went out of its way to deliver praise. The judge said that this was the very unusual case where he would have awarded even more than requested. The judge said that he would have awarded more due to the high quality of the "paperwork" and the "representation." (It's true that most attorney fee requests are carved like a Thanksgiving turkey).

It's a mutual admiration society because I have often said this judge is one of the brightest on the bench, and also one of the most hardworking. (I don't say that because I mostly win in his department). On top of all that skill, he makes all counsel feel appreciated and welcome in the courtroom. Everyone can legitimately walk away from the experience thinking that the court fairly has reviewed all evidence and arguments--win or lose.