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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Why Men Hate Church.

I thought an apropos introduction to my long-promised book review of John Eldredge's wildly popular, Wild At Heart, would be the following recent post from a Roman Catholic priest, entitled, "Why Men Hate Church".

Here are some highlights:

"One of the few things that aggravates me very much is the Church in the United States is way too feminine: the music, the liturgy, the vestments, the homilies... [T]he Church in the U.S. needs balance between feminity and masculinity. As a priest, I am just as annoyed as the manly men who do and don't go to Church. On the other hand, there is nothing feminine about going before Almighty God, on your knees, asking for His grace and forgiveness, and giving Him homage."

(HT: Diary of a Suburban Priest.)